Membership - Family
Membership - Family
Membership - Family
Membership - Family

Membership - Family

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Please allow 4-5 weeks for the receipt of your membership badge.

single membership covering all family members that reside in the same household.

Family members receive the newsletter, can attend monthly meetings, receive two votes, have access to the club library, and receive two passes to the Railroad Hobby Show.

Family members do not have access to the clubhouse outside of regularly scheduled events.

The Amherst Railway Society is one of the most respected railroad organizations in the United States, and there are many benefits to joining this vibrant organization. 

First, you become part of a group of people who share your fascination with railroads. That common interest builds friendships and serves as the foundation for all the things we do.

Members are eligible to attend regular meetings that feature presentations on a variety of railroad topics. As a group, we learn together. We share our experiences together. For more information on our meetings, go to meetings.

Members have an opportunity to participate in our annual Railroad Hobby Show - one of the largest and most respected railroad-themed shows in the country. 
Members receive a 1-day admission to the show, but there are also many opportunities to be a part of the show. The Railroad Hobby Show happens each year because of the generous contribution of volunteer time by our members. And there is a great deal of satisfaction in that - knowing that you had a hand in putting together and running something very special.

Members are eligible to participate in our two model railroad clubs - Amherst Belt Lines and our new Garden Railroad (currently under construction.)  An operating model railroad brings out the smiles, for everyone. If you enjoy model railroads the way we do, the Amherst Railway Society is the place to be. You will make new friends, learn a lot, and just plain have a lot of fun.

The Amherst Railway Society partners with the Mass Bay Railway Enthusiast for rail trips. If you like to ride trains, we give you multiple opportunities to do that each year. Steam, diesel - we ride them all.

Much has been written and recorded about railroads - history, technology, operations, and business practices. If you want to know more about railroads, the Amherst Railway Society maintains an extensive library of books, magazines, and videos for our members.

The Amherst Railway Society is also part of and supports the larger railroad community. 
 Each year, we contribute thousands of dollars to further the preservation and restoration of historical railroad artifacts throughout the United States. There is a special feeling visiting a rail historic site and knowing that the organization you belong to had a hand in making that visit possible.

If you enjoy railroads the way we do, please join us. We would love to have you. 

If you have questions about membership in the Amherst Railway Society, please contact our clerk at